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From La demeure de l’Isle, you will be perfectly located to explore Brittany by car, its historic cities, castles, gardens. If you want organize your stay in Brittany you could find some ideas with Regional tourism information.


Some excursion ideas :

Rennes, Capital of Brittany with several streets and colorful half timbered houses, the Parlement of Brittany built 1618/1655, and many shops bar and restaurants , Thabor garden french style garden. (15mn- 12 km) .

Chateaugiron , the mediaval town with a nice castle ((19mn- 15 km).

La Roche aux Fées impressive megalithic sites, still standing from antiquity, free to walk around and explore (27mn – 24km).

Vitré, enchanting experience with medieval streets, houses and castle (44mn_ 51 km).

Lohéac and the Manor of the automobile, one of the finest european car collection (37mn-40km).

Fougères, its castle with its impressive fortress(49mn-65km).

Saint-Malo, The famous walled city(1 hour).

Dinan , charming medieval town on the banks of the Rance (1 hour).

Mont Saint Michel , a must do! ( 1h26mn ).
Brigitte could also advise you about other good places to visit in and around Rennes.

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