Enjoy the charm of the place, the proximity of Rennes, the typical farmhouse with beautifull garden and the ease of access.


We are Brigitte and Philippe. We used to live in Normandy until 2010. We decided to move to Brittany, which is for both of us the land of our paternal ancestors. I wanted to change jobs, and so I looked for a lovely house where I could open a bed and breakfast. After a long search we found this old traditionnal farmhouse surrounded by a large garden. We enjoyed the space and the lovely surroundings close to Rennes. We fully restaured the house and since 2012 La demeure de l’Isle Bed and breakfast combines the best of both worlds : set in beautiful, unspoilt countryside yet within easy reach of Rennes. We are in love with nature, and protecting it is one of our concerns. Indeed, our park is a LPO refuge (Ligue protectrice des oiseaux / birds protection league). We work for hosting wildlife and help by preserving biodiversity.


Guests can relax in the beautiful garden of the property. We provide garden furniture for resting or eating outside. The garden has a children play area, and ping pong table. Brigitte enjoys gardenning and she would love to help you discover the garden . You can stroll through our garden, and enjoy the flowers that bloom without any chemical treatment. The trees and flowers flourish and are rich with birdlife, butterflies and insects. Garden auxiliaries (bumblebees, bees, ladybugs.) and small mammals (squirrels, toads, hedgehogs, lizards, salamanders, etc.) settle down. All of them contribute to the good health of the garden and our environment.


For us, respect for the environment means making choices and behaving on a daily basis. So here are some of our actions to promote a healthy environment in our beautiful bubble of nature, and thus contribute a little to the preservation of our planet ... For breakfast, we offer organic fair-trade coffee, homemade jams made with fruit from the garden (quince, blackcurrant, rhubarb), fruit picked from the nearby market garden in sustainable agriculture, or fruit from the market. The citrus fruits used in our jams are always organic. The home-made cakes are made with mainly organic products (local organic flour, organic spices, organic eggs...). Heating and hot water are provided by a wood pellet boiler (the wood pellets come mainly from the reprocessing of waste from the wood industry). We provide our guests with a shower shampoo labelled organic cosmetic in family size to reduce packaging. Ecolabel toilet paper, without colouring agents, is made from recycled fibres. We practice selective sorting and use a compost bin. Food waste is the happiness of our 2 hens. In the garden we use the technique of mulching (mowing grass, leaves in autumn and shredded branches). This saves water and feeds the soil, and it's also nice. We have installed a lot of melliferous plants, which attract the insects that feed the birds (we are LPO refuge). Garden helpers (bumble bees, bees, ladybirds...) and small mammals (squirrels, toads, hedgehogs, lizards, salamanders...) settle and thrive. All these little people contribute to the good health of the garden and our environment. Of course, no pesticides, fertilizers or chemical weed killers are used.

Our stay was amazing. Just perfect. Already planning our next trip back!
Amy Johnson